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Only a few weeks after The Dark Knight Rises tragedy, another incident apparently involving weapons at a screening of the film was resolved peacefully.

Police in Westlake, Ohio, tell Cleveland's The Plain Dealer they arrested Scott Smith on Saturday for allegedly bringing several weapons and ammunition into a theater set to show the Christopher Nolan film.

An off-duty officer working at the cinema discovered Smith, 37, had a loaded gun, extra ammunition clips and four knives in a satchel, say the police. 

"After Colorado anything is possible," said Lt. Ray Arcuri. "When you consider the movie he was going to and what happened in Colorado, you have To wonder what would make him want to bring weapons into that particular film. Our police did a great job spotting him."

Per Arcuri, Westlake Officer Jeremiah Bullins was off duty and working security at the Regal Cinema around 10 p.m. when he saw the theater manager talking to a man carrying a satchel. Bullins then followed the man (Smith) into the theater and sat down.

"Bullins looked inside and saw a loaded Glock 9 millimeter handgun; two fully loaded magazine clips, three knives in the bag and one on his person," said Lt. Arcuri. "When Bullins asked why he carried the weapons into the theater, the man said, 'No problem. I'll put them in my car.' But it was too late for that." (Matthew Bruce, an attorney for Smith says "if he did bring a handgun to the theater it would have been for his personal protection and there would have been no intention of shooting anyone or causing a panic.")

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Smith was arrested and taken to Westlake jail. Police believe Smith has a wife and young daughter, spent a short time in the military and did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Per police, he does not have a criminal record. He remains in custody, and per the police, is not cooperating with authorities. 

Just over two weeks prior to Smith's arrest, James Holmes killed 12 and injured 58 people during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo. He was arrested and charged with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.

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