Jennifer Garner, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

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It's been six years since secret agent Sydney Bristow walked off into the sunset with Michael Vaughn, Dixon and her two kids at her side (if you got misty-eyed after reading that sentence, you're not alone!) But we all know that was hardly Syd's last mission, right?!

And while Jennifer Garner kicked some serious booty after Alias ended—Elektra, anyone?—she's since turned her attention to roles that require less, as Sydney would say, "jumping over canals in 3-inch heels while napalm explodes around me."

 So when we caught up with Ms. Garner on the AstroTurf carpet at the world premiere of her latest movie, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, we had to ask if she'd be returning to the world of action movies anytime soon.

"Do I think there will be a return to the action? I hope so!" Jennifer excitedly revealed to us. "Yes! I was just working out with my trainer this morning, and she's trained me for 12 years and she was like, 'I think it's time. I think we need to put some pleather on.'"

Hear that? That was the sound of every Alias fan ever rejoicing. But does a return to ass kicking mean fans might finally see Sydney return to the field in a big-screen feature? We sure hope so.

"I know, wouldn't that be fun?!" Jennifer agreed, before noting, "I think J.J. [Abrams] is pretty busy for that."

He couldn't fit in a little ole spy thriller between Star Trek sequels, his television series (Fringe, Person of Interest and the impending Revolution) and the two dozen or so other projects he has in development?!

For now, Jennifer is leaving the espionage behind for more warm and fuzzy fare. The actress, who said she forced her parents to attend this premiere with her, said her favorite scene in Timothy Green is, "The soccer scene, because I haven't been that mom on the sidelines yet but I think I could get there."

Especially since the ever-growing family (Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck have two daughters, Violet and Seraphina) just welcomed another addition:  5-month-old Samuel! Kiddos who, we're sure, would love to see their mama in full-on spy mode. Just sayin'!

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