The backstabbing and betrayal continued on Bachelor Pad.

Between Ed's shock of being voted to go home from people he trusted last week and Reid hoping his conspiracy against Ed wouldn't get figured out (ha, yeah right), the entire cast got a taste of sweetness tonight


Their challenge, which took place away from the mansion (yay, road trip), involved a relay race, full of obstacles that required getting up close and personal with obscene amounts of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts. Yes, they became human sundaes.

The partner pairings were shaken up for this challenge, and although Jamie had a strong lead for the girls, her relay partner Ed just couldn't deal with the hot fudge wall, and fell to last place, giving himself and Jamie a vote against them going into the rose ceremony.

First place, however, was so close, that they had to review tapes to see who won—and that victory went to fan David (the underdog and now force to be reckoned with) and Rachel

For Dave's date, he chose to spend the evening with Blakeley, Jamie and Erica Rose at their own little prom—so cute! Everyone got dressed up and Dave even showed us some of his dance moves, which weren't all that bad. Blakeley and Jamie tried their best to be civil with each other, but the tension was obviously there. 

Especially when Blakeley gave David the death stare and reminded him that he should give her the rose after he was seen vibing with Jamie. Clearly, Blakeley doesn't scare him, because he gave the rose to Jamie, anyway.

Meanwhile back at the house, Reid tried to play nice with Ed (who later got drunk and hooked up with his partner Jaclyn), but don't worry, Reid's little act doesn't last too long.

The next night, Rachel went out with Michael, Tony and Nick to Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Hollywood to bring to life The Bachelor Experience. Basically, they got done up like wax figures and scared the you-know-what out of fans who went to see the statues.

Rachel made it very clear that she could have done without Nick and Tony during the date, and all her attention was on Michael, so it wasn't a surprise he got the rose (but to be fair, they are pretty cute together.)

Back at the mansion, Chris continued to play with both Jamie and Blakeley. And although Jamie gave him a piece of her mind and acted like she didn't care, we're calling her bluff. Plus, she cried during the one-on-one.

Sarah's guilt for voting against Ed last week caused her to come clean and tell him that Reid (Ed's supposed "best friend") is the mastermind of trying to send him home. So later that night, Ed calls Reid out and as you would assume, Reid tried to deny everything.

Blakeley and Donna were freaking out along (as they should, the fate of the ladies was in Kalon's hands) with Ed and Reid—so who went home?

Your plan backfired, Reid. Both he and Donna were sent home.

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