Photo Finish: Prince Harry Dons Angry Birds Hat, Pauses Olympics Watching to Play Polo With Prince William

Young royal makes for quite the Kodak moment, gamely sporting the comic headpiece while attending a music festival before playing a charity match with his brother

By Gina Serpe Aug 06, 2012 4:16 PMTags
Prince Harry

The Olympic games are known for their photo finishes, but you might be hard-pressed to find a better Kodak moment than the one recently provided by Prince Harry.

Ladies and gentlemen, withough further ado, we give you one of the finest pictures to emerge from London 2012: Prince Harry in an Angry Birds hat.

And you thought those fascinators were bad.

So, what exactly is the meaning of this, um, birdbrained endeavor?

Well, all work and no play makes Harry a dull boy. And since we can't have that, the young royal nobly took a break from his vigorous Olympics-spectating schedule (ahem) and donned the comic headpiece while attending the WOMAD music festival in Wiltshire last weekend.

And just to get more in the spirit of things, Harry even sported the hat while playing a round of ping-pong. No word on whether the balls exploded on impact. Or broke off into a trio of smaller balls once they made it over the net. get the point.

Zak Hussein/

But that was last weekend. This weekend, Harry was back to semi-serious business as usual, and took to the field in a polo match, squaring off against none other than his brother Prince William.

Both men competed in the Jerudong Trophy polo match held at England's Cirencester Park Polo Club yesterday, squeezing the sporty outing in between their Olympics engagements all in the name of charity: Proceeds from the matchup supported the homeless-benefiting Centrepoint, the children's welfare group WellChild and Dolen Cymru, a philanthropic organization that's based out of Lesotho, an area close to Harry's heart.

Still, while they have their priorities, there's nothing to say they can't do it all: The boys reportedly got the match's start time moved up half an hour in order to make it to Olympic Stadium to cheer on gold medalist Usain Bolt in the 100m race.