Lady Gaga Reveals New Album Getting "ARTPOP" Tattooed on Her Arm!

Pop superstar shows off new ink on Twitter, teasing Little Monsters with the long-awaited name of her forthcoming project

By Gina Serpe Aug 06, 2012 3:04 PMTags

Lady Gaga is nothing if not a consummate showman woman. So when it came time to reveal the title of her always anticipated next album, she didn't just send out a boring old press release touting the name or anything as dull as that.

No, she indelibly linked herself to the project by getting a tattoo of the album's name and showing it off on Twitter.

"New ink new album," she tweeted last week, posting a photo of herself with the simple word "ARTPOP" inscribed on her right arm.

And just in case that tweet was too subtle for the Little Monsters (or the media), she later clarified.

"Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title, it's all in the details good morning twitter!" she posted yesterday.

So what exactly does that mean?

Well, the most liked person on Facebook wasted no time in taking to social media, doing her best to explain in a chat with her fans on her website over the weekend.

"ARTPOP could mean anything," she said. "Pop art was a movement in the '70s that is still alive now. "

She also tweeted out a photo that is believed to be lyrics to the song: "We could we could belong together. ARTPOP."

Of course, fans are already looking beyond that explanation for more clues about the title, and because capitalization is, as Gaga says, important, they've hit upon the theory that it could even be an acronym and point to her website, which contains the phrase "Artistic Revolution Through the Potential of Pop."

No release date has been set for the new project, but it's expected to drop in late 2012 or early 2012.