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The summer's coming to a close for the hottest 6-year-old in NYC!

And while we're a bit sad this probably means Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise's endless daytime outings are about to dwindle (you know, at the museum, the gymnastics store and even the pet shop), all eyes have shifted to exactly where Suri will tote her stylish backpack for the first day of first grade.

Although we initially had a strong source tell us Suri would be attending Convent of the Sacred Heart Catholic School, the latest report suggests Katie has enrolled her daughter in Avenues, a posh private institution located in the Chelsea district of NYC.

When asked for comment, the Avenues' World spokesperson told E! News, "It is our policy not to comment on any prospective or current student, parent and family members."

So perhaps Holmes is trying to steer away the relentless paparazzi or maybe she's had a change of heart. But either way, Suri has to learn how to walk on her own two feet, so here's everything you need to know about the young star's transition to the big-girl world:

Killer Locay: And you thought Columbia University was the place to be! Avenues' New York flagship campus is located on Tenth Avenue, in a historic building in the Landmark District of Chelsea, adjacent to NYC's High Line. It's culturally rich location ensures that the 6-year-old will have loads of field-trip opportunities and chances to explore NYC (lucky girl!). Just take a virtual tour of the stunning campus, and you might feel a twinge of jealousy that you're not heading back to elementary school.

Going Global: Avenues is committed to becoming an international institution. Once its flagship campus in NYC is completed, Avenues plans to build campuses in 20 or more cities all over the world including India, Africa, Central America, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and the United States. Sounds like a perfect solution for the world traveling six-year-old, right? Avenues' international program gives Suri the chance to travel with her dad and stay in school.

$$$: Get ready to shell out some serious cash if you want an Avenues' education! Although the final number is not official, the tuition for the 2013-2014 school year will be in the $40,000 dollar ballpark. Tuition includes the full cost of books and materials, all field trips and transportation to and from activities during the school day that are part of the academic program. Another $2,000 in mandatory fees covers lunch, snacks, athletic uniforms and annual investments in educational technology.

No Special Treatment: Despite Suri's famous fam, her last name won't earn her a free ticket to enrollment. In the opening year, each student is given an equal opportunity for acceptance. But in the subsequent years, there will be special consideration for siblings of previously enrolled students. As for the type of students the school is seeking? Avenues' website states that they expect students to have diverse interests and talents, as well as a unique background. Sounds like a fabulous fit for the savvy six-year-old!

Advanced Coursework: Suri will enroll in the Lower Curriculum school, where a formal modern language immersion program in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish will be introduced. She'll also take classes in humanities, literacy, math, science, the arts and physical education. Talk about a well-rounded education!

Not So Fashionista Friendly: Despite Suri's affinity for dresses and high heels, she'll have to don a uniform during her days at Avenues. Students are required to wear a loose fitting blouse or turtleneck bearing the Avenues' logo along with gray or black pants, skirts, jumpers or shorts. A bonus? Any color accessories can be worn, so Mama Holmes, break out those Avenues-inspired hair bows! We know a uniform won't stop Suri from flashing her A-list style.

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