Lady Gaga Transforms Herself Into a Unicorn—No, but Really, We're Serious

Lady Gaga took part in a photo shoot and tweeted some pics from the big day. The surprise? Oh, on top of the unicorn spike, hooves and tail, probably not much, really.

By Leslie Gornstein Aug 03, 2012 7:47 PMTags
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First Lady Gaga shows up on a red carpet dressed in a giant egg and slathered in meat.

Nicki Minaj shoots back by bringing a fake pope to an awards show.

Then Madonna reminds us that she's still out there by holding a gun to her head in concert.

And now we have Mother Monster's official response to all those amateurs. Lady Gaga just turned herself into a unicorn—suck it, haters.

This photos come courtesy of the Little Monsters site and photographer Steve Klein. Is that him, ummm, bringing up the rear? Or maybe it's a set of mannequin legs crafted from stardust and Andy Warhol's discarded dreams. Or maybe we should just stop thinking about it because it'll ruin all that magic.

Either way, well played, Gaga. Nicki and Madge, care to counter?