Bret Michaels

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Bret Michaels has no plans to judge aspiring singers or find love on TV any time soon.

The bandanna-wearing rock star's rep shot down such talk (rumors, we admit, we were unaware of), telling E! News that neither of those will be happening. Sorry.

Although Michaels is known to joke about a Rock of Love 4, his rep Jo Mignano told us in a statement that it was never a serious consideration.

"The truth is, anyone who knows Bret's family and knows him as a father and a friend would truly understand that he is hurting over the separation, and the last thing he his thinking about is doing a dating show."

And as far as those American Idol rumors, which started coming around more than two years ago, Mignano says that Bret is "honored" but "feels that position has long been filled."

But don't get down, there's still a chance you could see the Poison star on your small screen again.

"The only real consideration on the reality-TV front at this moment is returning to do an All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, " Mignano said. "Donald Trump has asked Bret to return to do battle for charity as Trump knows Michaels' struggle as a lifelong type 1 diabetic and his passion to win will make the competition fierce."

Oh, now that's exciting!

Would you watch Bret Michaels take on the All-Star show? Sound off in the comments!

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