Russell Brand, Disney's Captain Hook

Annie Leibovitz/Disney Parks

Russell Brand probably isn't the first celebrity you'd think of to provide family-friendly fun. In fact, in years past you'd sooner see him play Captain Morgan than Captain Hook.

But that's exactly what the funnyman is doing in a new photo shoot for Disney. In a thrilling picture shot by Annie Leibovitz (whose celeb-centric portfolio includes the infamous Vanity Fair pics of a nearly nude Miley Cyrus), Brand dons Hook's trademark red suit and, well, hook while getting up close and uncomfortable with a croc.

Russell joins celebs like Penélope Cruz, Olivia Wilde and Queen Latifah who have posed as Belle (of Beauty and the Beast fame), Snow White's evil queen and The Little Mermaid's Ursula, respectively, in the Disney Dream Portrait series.

"Where every moment leaves you for me," the photo reads alongside a terrified-looking Brand doing his best interpretation of Peter Pan's least favorite pirate. For fans of the film, you surely remember the tick-tocking of that angry crocodile that's been after the Captain for years!

So what do you think of Brand's hair-raising turn as Disney's most nefarious nemesis (well, one of them, surely)? Or, like us, did seeing him in the getup just make you think, "Hmm, Katy Perry would make a terrific Tinkerbell!"

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