Brad Pitt

Um, did someone just feel the repercussions of forgetting the first rule of Fight Club?

Another shot of Brad Pitt from the set of his new movie, The Counselor, has surfaced, and we've gone from getting a first look to doing a double take as the actor was snapped with one heck of a black eye.

But fans of the famous visage (so...everyone) need not worry about any permanent damage caused by the shiner.

Instead, props are owed to the makeup department, who knocked up one heck of a realistic bruise on Angelina Jolie's better half.

The previously cowboy-clad actor plays a lawyer who gets involved with a drug trafficker and things quickly spiral out of control. Gee, you don't say.

Pitt and his black eye are currently filming in London and will star alongside Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and Cameron Diaz in the drama, set for release sometime next year.

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