Arrest Warrant Issued for Actor Sasha Mitchell

The star of ABC's Step By Step is in trouble over wife abuse

By Marcus Errico Aug 10, 1996 4:00 PMTags
Sasha Mitchell, best known for his role as Cody on ABC's Step by Step, has been a fugitive for almost three weeks after violating his probation and leaving the Los Angeles area, a prosecutor said Friday.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Mitchell on July 22, after the 29-year-old actor didn't show up for court-mandated sessions with a spousal-abuse counselor and a probation officer. Mitchell, who also starred in Kickboxers 2 through 4, was convicted in Ventura County, California, in September 1995 of hitting his wife, Jeanette, leaving several bruises. He was sentenced to three years' probation and counseling.

The actor has repeatedly violated the terms of his sentence. In May, he was ordered back to jail for 60 days after skipping too many spousal-abuse classes and continuing to strike his wife, including one incident in which he hit her with a couch pillow while she shielded their infant son. Authorities have not seen or heard from the actor since he left jail June 16--released early for good behavior.

That was the second time he had been ordered to jail for failing to comply with the terms of his sentence. In January he spent 30 days in jail but was allowed to leave his cell during the day to shoot his ABC sitcom.

Ventura Deputy District Atty. Adam Pearlman said he did not think that Mitchell received preferential treatment from the justice system because of his star status, although he called the actor's original sentence "light." According to Pearlman, Mitchell can only face up to two years in jail, minus the 90 days he's already served, once he turns himself in.

Calls to Mitchell's attorney and the show's publicist at ABC were not returned.