Angelina Jolie, William Levy, Emme Watson

Kevin Winter/Getty Images; John Parra/Getty Images; Tim Whitby/Getty Images

And the journey to find the perfect Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele continues.

While numerous celeb names have already been thrown out for the roles—Matt Bomer, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Ian Somerhalder to name a few—stars continue to get hurled into the mix. 

The latest being Emma Watson, Dancing With the Stars hunk William Levy and yes, even Angelina Jolie, oh my!

Watson's innocent look and witty personality could be a perfect fit for Miss Steele, but as far as she's concerned, it's not happening. 

"I haven't read the book, I haven't a read a script, nothing," Watson told Entertainment Weekly. "There are so many movies you become attached to when I've literally never even received a phone call. It was the same way with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo—I never even saw a script!"

Meanwhile, Levy, who admitted he has read the book (that thought alone makes us blush), has been suggested for the role by fans who wouldn't mind seeing a Latin Grey on the big screen.

And although no castings have been made for the film, this ex-ballroom dancer would be willing to bring the heat (wink).

"If the opportunity comes for me to play this role, it would be amazing," Levy told Celebuzz. "It's a great book…[and] every day I hear about it. I see the fans saying it all over. I would play it. I would love to do it. We've just got to see."

Did your inner goddess just squeal, too?

Now, could Jolie pull off being a kinky, sex-crazed female? Duh.

But can she pull off being a kinky, sex-crazed female in her early 20s? Not so much, and that's why we were surprised to see the A-lister even get mentioned for the role of Anastasia.

Maybe if she went blond, Angelina could take on Mrs. Robinson, er, Elena. 

Now that we could see.

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