Not only is London the sight of the 2012 summer Olympic games, but it's also a bloody fabulous city filled with fashion and flavor galore!

And since we know all you Americans stuck on the wrong side of the Olympics' pond still want to get your London style on (thanks for making us jealous, Kate Middleton), E!'s own Robbie Laughlin has searched high and low for the best London looks!

First up? High-shine hair is everywhere—because if you can't win a gold medal then you might as well rock a golden, shiny 'do!

Twists, braids and top knots (a la Miley Cyrus) are some of this summer's hottest hairstyles and are popping up all over the streets of London. And not only do the swept-back styles look fab, but they keep the effects of the humid weather at bay.

Simply add a few highlights to finish off those lovely locks and your hair will be in perfect Olympic form!

But if you're not into a new summer 'do, there are still plenty of fashionable ways to show your Olympic spirit.

Pair hot-pink lips with glittery lashes and add a patriotic pop of color to your eyes. Or if you really want to rock a true Olympian style, try some nail art, as our favorite champions have all been sporting flashy fingertips.

Remember, you don't need a flag to look totally fierce and show your pride.

Just follow these tips and you never know—you might be scouted for one of those token empty seats!

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