Watch! John Mayer's "Queen of California" Video Released

Grammy winner takes a walk on the wild side with a new clip for his latest single

By Josh Grossberg Jul 31, 2012 9:53 PMTags

Where John Mayer goes, his fans will follow.

The blues rocker has unveiled the music video for his latest ditty, "Queen of California," in which he's never made a leisurely stroll through scenery look more poignant, let alone visually arresting.

Mayer starts off the clip plucking away at his acoustic guitar in a hotel room before getting up and heading outdoors where, with the aid of a little studio magic, we see him amble through various vistas—from a wintery urban landscape and a lush green wood to the backstage of a theater before arriving at an intimate recording stage, where he plays a laid-back solo.

"Goodbye cold, goodbye rain/goodbye sorrow, goodbye shame," he croons. "I'm headed out west with my headphones on/boarded a flight with a song in the back of my soul/And no one knows."

The vid concludes with the singer-songwriter resuming his walk through several more panoramas including a room full of flying rose petals and a street featuring flying confetti and a marching band. He finally meets up with his band again in a forest setting—which turns out to be the set for the music video we're watching.

How meta!

Mayer's last music video for his single "Shadow Days" saw him set out on an expedition through various western locales.

Fans will be pleased to see the guitar hero up and about considering Mayer was forced to cancel his comeback tour indefinitely last March to rest his ailing vocal cords, on which he had surgery the previous fall to remove a granuloma.

His latest album, Born and Raised, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts in May.