Kate Middleton Lands Cover of Vanity Fair's "International Best-Dressed List"

The Duchess of Cambridge has wowed us with a lot of her fashions this year and apparently we're not the only ones!

By Leslie Gornstein Jul 31, 2012 9:23 PMTags
Duchess Catherine, Kate Middleton, Vanity Fair coverTim Rooke/Rex USA/Vanity Fair

What's this? Kate Middleton on the cover of a prestige glossy?

Did our willowy Cinderella finally capitulate—after months of presumed begging—for an interview with Vanity Fair?

Of course not, ye naive young peasants. Go back to your hovels. The Duchess of Cambridge does not pose for your working-class stacks of disposable paper, as simpering and worshipful as those stacks may be. No, VF did its September issue without Kate's help, but they did get some dish on how to live, and dress, like a royal.

See what Kate Middleton wore to the 2012 London Olympics!

First of all, in case you're not familiar with the dress, it's a pleated lilac chiffon number by Alexander McQueen. It and the earrings were lent to her by—get this—her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.

Now, for the stuff you really want to know. Vanity Fair found out how the girl stays so skinny and the answer is...being rich. Specifically, the mag credits "deerstalking, tennis, and Buckingham Palace swims."

As for that gorgeous skin, we did get one very interesting tease: The cover mentions—really—"bee-venom facials with Camilla!"

Now you know.