Awesome Olympians, Misty May Treanor, Kerri Walsh

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The games must go on!

For Olympic beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh, this means that even though she has pinkeye, she'll still compete.

Per ESPN, the 33-year-old athlete is taking antibiotics for her infection. Her husband, Casey Jennings, is also suffering from conjunctivitis, but their two sons, Joseph and Sundance, have luckily avoided catching it.

She and partner Misty May-Treanor are two-time defending gold medalists.

Walsh thanked fans for all their support on Facebook. "I'm too tired to write a little recap but before I hit the hay please know that your love, energy and support means the world to us," she wrote. "We can feel it!! Keep it coming. Please! We'll keep getting better -- I promise! Love and hugs from London."

We're rooting for Kerri to get past the pink and make her way to gold!

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