Bachelor Pad


After surviving the first rose ceremony, the remaining Bachelor Pad castmates enjoyed a little show from twins Brittany and Erica T. (no, not that kinda show, you naughty person).

The blond ladies started bickering with each other because one said the other called her a "slut"—and don't ask us which is which, because we couldn't tell you—but finally between the yelling and crying while in matching pink dresses, the two made up.

"You're not a slut, OK? I would never have said that if I was sober," one of the twins offered.

Once it was all rainbows and butterflies again, everyone found out that their challenge was to learn and perform a rhythmic gymnastic routine in front of a panel of judges, in honor of the 2012 Olympics (thank you, London!).

Two hours of ribbon dancing and hoola-hoop tossing later, it was time to show judges Ashley Herbert, J.P. Rosenbaum and Olympic gymnast Tasha Schwikert what they got.

The ladies group went first and it was tragic. That's really all we could say about that. As for the men, we weren't sure what we loved more—their performance, which included the worm, or their tight little spandex leotards.

Erica Rose and Ed were voted the worst performance from each group and already got a point against them heading into the rose ceremony. As for the best performance, that went to Blakeley and Michael, who were safe from elimination and each got to choose people to go on a date with that night.

Michael took Rachel, Lindzi and Donna out for a night of rocking out to a live band. Oh, and tonsil hockey. First it was with Rachel and then Michael "fulfilled a fantasy" of Donna's (who gave him a hand-drawn photo of himself) by making out with her. He gave the date rose to Rachel.

Meanhile back at the house, everyone celebrated Jamie's birthday. And although she and Chris have been heating up, her partner Ryan kept trying to steal her away. And Chris had to maintain a relationship with Blakeley to stay in the game.

The sneak of the house award went to Chris tonight, who told Jamie he had no romantic feelings for Blakeley and then told Blakeley he had no romantic feelings for Jamie. 

And then Jamie walked in on Chris sleeping with Blakeley. Cue the crocodile tears, but she wasn't the only one crying.

Blakeley chose her three men for the date the next day, and along with Chris and Ed was super fan Dave, who got teary-eyed at the invite. Cute, right?! The four them enjoyed a day the Bachelor Pad soapbox derby event.

Ed won the derby race, but Chris walked away with the date rose.

Back at the house, the twins get into another high-pitched and, quite frankly, annoying fight with each other and ultimately both decided to leave the house. And since they left, the girls were all safe from elimination, but the guys were still on the chopping block.

Sarah told Ed, the man she hooked up with the night before, that she voted him off before the rose ceremony. It didn't matter, though. It was Ryan who got the boot after getting voted off by his own partner, Jamie.

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