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"I would never say never." 

That's what Dexter star Michael C. Hall had to say about the prospects that the creepy-deepy series might live on beyond its reported season-eight endpoint. 

After Showtime boss David Nevins hinted to reporters that "plans can change," Hall weighed in: "It's hard to imagine it going beyond that. But you know, we finished the first season and I thought 'We should probably just stop now.' I would never say never. But the sense is we are moving toward a definitive end."

Of course, the character Dexter Morgan "never has been in deeper trouble than he is now," Hall points out, referring to the "invigorating" season-six game-changer in which Dex's half-sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) found out he was a vicious killer.

"I had been looking forward to it and also terrified of it," Jennifer admitted. "I think all the anxiety that I'm feeling as an actor is where Deb is supposed to be. I didn't want Deb to lose any integrity with the audience and the writers did a great job." 

"Her finding out does make an end game feel more palpable and imminent," Michael added. "The plan is to do this season and a final eighth season and to really tell the story of the two of them negotiating their relationship in this new landscape."

Things got awwwwkward when a reporter hinted that season six was not the show's best. 

"Can I just say something to the reporter who asked that question?" Jennifer interjected. "If we hadn't shot anything yet for this season yet, that question might have hurt my feelings. But because I know what we're doing this year, I'm really excited about showing you what we've done."

Atta girl, Deb! And we can tell you the seventh season premiere (airing Sept. 30) does not disappoint. Though now, confession: We are wholly terrified for Deb's safety. 

"Dexter is a serial killer," executive producer Scott Buck reminds us. "The thought would naturally cross his mind that [killing Deb] would be an easy way to solve the problem."

Run, girl. Run. 

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