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What's up next on The Vampire Diaries? How will Gossip Girl end? And will Supernatural go on forevah and evah

These were just a few of the burning questions asked today of CW president Mark Pedowitz at the TCA Press Tour in Beverly Hills. 

Here are the highlights you fans need to know, including why Ringer and The Secret Circle were canceled and how much longer fans can expect to see Supernatural and 90210 go on.

Supernatural: "There was no question" Supernatural would return this year, Pedowitz assured. "We're big believers in the show…I am a big Supernatural fan, so I hope it stays on as long as I'm still here." So what's up for the fall season? "There will be a lapse of time for before Dean gets back from purgatory. Sam will go out on his happy way for a period of time without hunting for anything." We can also confirm that returning fan favorite Misha Collins will be doing "a minimum of eight" episodes. Can we get a Casti-hell yeah?!

The Vampire Diaries: "There is always new cast members and those who are dead can always come back to life!" Pedowitz teases of the new season. "As you know, the season ended with Elena becoming a vampire and the goal is how she adjusts to being a vampire and does she follow Stefan's path or does she follow Damon's path? Does the vampire blood lust get her or not?" When asked who will serve as Elena's sire, Pedowitz proved he does actually watch the show, explaining: "It's Damon's blood, which helped, but they never discovered who their sire was in any of the things. They think it's Klaus, but they're not sure." Color us impressed by Pedowitz's TVD knowledge!

Gossip Girl: The CW doesn't currently have any plans to continue the world of Gossip Girl without the original cast, according to Pedowitz. "I believe shows that have a loyal core audience deserve a proper send off for both the network and the fans…[It's] what we did for One Tree Hill, so we'll do it again here for Gossip Girl." Right, but how will it end? Pedowitz teases a "big event" (ya don't say! On Gossip Girl?), but wouldn't give details. Hmph. Just 'fess up it's a Chuck and Blair wedding already! (Fingers crossed on behalf of all the rabid Chair fans out there.)

Ringer: Ringer's never-say-die fan faction (they bought a billboard!) will be pleased to hear that a journalist asked Pedowitz why the show wasn't given more of a chance. His response: "The fans are still writing me, they want it desperately. Sarah Michelle Gellar and I have had many discussions since May. She is now happily pregnant…The one thing we did come away with is when she's ready, she'd love to come back to the CW. And we'd love to have her back on the CW as an actor or a producer."

90210: With Gossip Girl coming to an end, will the CW's West Coast main-stay, which hits its 100th episode this season, be saying goodbye soon as well? "Too soon to tell. We'll see what happens as the season goes on," Pedowitz says. "I hope it lasts a number of more years."

Secret Circle: While the witchy drama had a small, but loyal fanbase, The Secret Circle was axed from the network's schedule in May. "Not enough good-looking men, not enough sense of humor. Women do like men!" Pedowitz explains of the show's failure to engage more viewers. 

What else do you fans want to know about your favorite CW and Showtime shows? We'll try to hunt you down some answers. Stand by for Showtime panel scoop this afternoon!

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