AMANDA MEDEK, Aurora Movie Theater Shooting

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The cast and crew and everyone involved in the making of The Dark Knight Rises were all horrified by last Friday's mass shooting at a midnight screening in Aurora, Colo., and wanted to do something to help those impacted.

Just ask Christian Bale, who visited victims earlier this week in the hospital.

Now we can add TDKR music man Hans Zimmer to that score.

The renowned German composer has penned a stirring musical tribute titled "Aurora," which he has dedicated to the 12 moviegoers killed in the brutal assault and the 58 people injured, as well as their families and the community of Aurora as a whole, which has been scarred by the tragedy.

The goal of the piece is to help raise money to benefit those victims in need and their families.

"100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Aurora Victim Relief organization through," reads a statement on The Dark Knight Rises Facebook page. The announcement includes a link to, where the haunting song featuring a chorus of angel-voiced singers is available to preview and for purchase.

The website's page asks for donations ranging from 10 cents on up to $1,000.

Zimmer's not the only one to try and lend a hand. Jono, one of the singer's of E!'s Opening Act, has teamed up with several other local musicians to record "Aurora We Stand," which aims to aid victims, survivors and their families.

Both musicians' efforts come just a few days after distributor Warner Bros. also declared its intention to make a hefty donation to as well.

Aftermath of the Dark Knight Rises tragedy

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