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Jason Segel may have already told Matilda the story of how he met her mother, but did he get the 6-year-old to help him propose, too?

Australia's Woman's Day is reporting that the actor and girlfriend Michelle Williams are engaged, with Segel having popped the question while they were in San Diego a couple of weeks ago for Comic-Con.

It was all very lovely, according to the tabloid, with Segel scattering Williams' favorite flowers around their hotel room and Matilda presenting her mum with a bouquet, a note saying, "Will you marry me?" tucked among the petals.

Not that we don't think Segel couldn't dream up something so adorable—he did cowrite The Muppets after all—and he does seem to be getting along swimmingly with Matilda.

But he and Williams just started seeing each other this year and the single mom doesn't really seem like the rushing-into-anything type...

Sure enough, the tabloid spun a lovely tale, but a fairy tale at that.

The couple are happily chugging along but are not engaged, a source close to Williams confirmed to E! News Thursday.

Guess we'll just have to be content for now with sweet pics of the trio (we imagine Segel is courting favor with daughter as much as with mother) going on outings in NYC. Matilda will just have to play flower girl another time.

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