Marisa Miller, Griffin Guess

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It's not easy looking perfect when you're pregnant. Unless, of course, you're Marisa Miller.

The mommy-to-be—who is expecting her first child in December with her music producer hubby, Griffin Guess—recently spilled a testosterone-fueled reason for her glow: The couple is expecting a boy!

"We would be excited either way, but it was amazing to know for sure," she gushed to People magazine after the couple received the exciting news this week. 

Along with the announcement that the twosome's shopping for blue, the oft-jetting (and former Victoria's Secret) model also shared some of her favorite baby bumpin' memories as she nears her third trimester.

And yes, she eats for two!

"My career is so focused on the physical that I really didn't want the pressure on or to have to worry about anything that happened to my body during that time," Marisa shared. "My priority was being as healthy as possible for the baby and whatever physical changes that happened, so be it!"

Although Marisa may be a superhuman when it comes to the looks department, the gal experienced all the typical pregnancy side-effects as any regular mom:

"My first trimester I was so exhausted…I was also really dizzy and of course, nauseous. Then my skin started to break-out like a teenager," the blonde beauty said. "Even as I was going through all this, I was still so happy. There was so much freedom in letting go of my appearance because the reason for all these symptoms was this miracle growing inside me. I really could care less about what I looked like."

What a positive attitude! And Marisa's supportive hubby seems to play a big part in that gorgeous smile:

"Griffin is my everything. We've been married for a little over six years now," the expectant mother said. "We already have enough names for three kids, ha ha! It's always been a time we really looked forward to."

And that's exactly why Marisa's set on living in the moment, "I know you can't plan everything in life, but I knew that I wanted to really enjoy my pregnancy and have time to revel in motherhood as well."

Sounds like your doing just that. Best of luck to Marisa and Griffin as they eagerly await the new addition to their family!

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