Darren Criss, Glee

Adam Rose/FOX

Who better to school potential Glee stars in the ways of romance than one-half of the show's most romantic duo?!

Darren Criss, aka fan favorite Blaine, pays a special visit toThe Glee Project this week to help the contestants with this weeks' theme: romanticality! In a completely shocking turn of events, all the Glee hopefuls promptly lose their cool when Mr. Criss pops his head in the door.

Hey, can you really blame them? We've got a sneak peek at Darren's appearance on The Glee Project for your viewing pleasure right here.

No one was more thrilled to see Darren than Aylin, who gushes, "He has an amazing voice and can dance and I love that he's so good looking!"

Darren was just as excited to be there to meet all of the contestants as one of them could become his coworker in the very near future. "I love coming on The Glee Project because it's always a chance to get to know new people I might potentially be working with," he explains.

The Glee star had some words of wisdom regarding romance for the singers: "Romance is inherently being vulnerable and having a real sincere and unique connection because of that vulnerability. The rest is in the music."

After their performances, Darren handed out critiques and had a less than stellar review for Shanna and Michael. "I don't get negative feedback…I don't know that Michael was willing to really use us together," Shanna says.

So which couple had the best chemistry? And who was too melodramatic for Darren's taste? Watch the clip above to find out!

The Glee Project airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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