Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Shared Cozy Dinner Before Robsten Cheating Scandal

Yet another incriminating photo emerges of the Snow White and the Huntsman pair, this time from a shared meal earlier this spring

By Gina Serpe Jul 26, 2012 5:04 PMTags
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Well, we'll say this: At least this isn't the most damning photo of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders that we've seen this week.

But it's sure not going to do the Snow White and the Huntsman pair any favors with their current (for now, at least) significant others.

But first, some context: The paparazzi photo of the pair was actually taken back in May, with the 22-year-old Stewart and the 41-year-old Sanders dining together at Berlin's Monsieur Vuong Vietnamese restaurant.

But it's not quite as incriminating as it first appears. Rather than the cozy dinner for two it seems to be, sitting just out of the frame is Stewart's SWATH costar Charlize Theron and several others, as the intimate meal was actually attended by a small group of people working on the film.

It's just the latest blow to K.Stew since Tuesday, when photos emerged of her and the director's indiscretion.

The following day, both Stewart and Sanders issued public apologies for their dalliance (she to Robert Pattinson, he to wife Liberty Ross), and earlier today an ill-timed interview with Sanders' model wife (and mother of his two children) was released, discussing the hardships she endured and seemingly overcame in her marriage.

The battle clearly isn't over yet.