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Witches, werewolves and preppy misfits, oh my!

Yeah, we've got all three of those categories and more covered in today's edition of Spoiler Chat, which features some scoop on what fans can expect to see from Mystic Falls' resident witch Bonnie (Kat Graham) in season four, if Teen Wolf's recent casualty really is dead and the new kid coming to the Hamptons on Revenge. Oh, and there may even be a little treat thrown in there for fans of a certain Glee couple. (No need to thank us, but feel free to tell us we're really pretty.)

Plus, we've got scoop on New GirlFringe, CSI: NY, 30 Rock and more...

New Girl casting scoop: Meet the Broadway star set to woo Zooey!

Vanessa: TVD scoop, please and thank you!
We'll say this: Prepare for an epic season. (Shocking, we know.) "Oh gosh, it's good. It is really good," Kat Graham gushes of the fourth season. "This is a season where Elena is in transition to become a vampire and then Bonnie is going to start to dabble in some crazy things. We get to see her going into another side maybe fans have yet to see her in. It's cool." Anyone else getting Dark Willow vibes and living for it?

Eamonn: Victoria isn't really dead on Teen Wolf, right?! Her eyes changed before she was stabbed.
Sorry, kids, but Allison's mama Victoria really is dead, so no, there will not be a spinoff called Mom Wolf anytime soon. Don't worry, Allison will seek vengeance in a very physical way in Monday's episode. Need more scoop? We'll learn Matt's connection to the Kanima and how he became Jackson's master in the next episode. No unanswered questions over on MTV, people! (Raise your hand if you're so not ready for this season to be over, by the way!)

Ella: Can you please tell us if there is hope for Sam and Quinn on Glee? They were the cutest!
Cuter than when Sue Sylvester married herself? We don't know about that. But we did have a chat with Chord Overstreet recently, who told us that fans of Sam and Quinn or Sam and Mercedes shouldn't give up hope, even if he may start the new season of Glee as a single man. "I'm on the prowl at McKinley. I'm living up the bachelor-ness right now and I may take a trip up to Yale. I may go to California," Overstreet tells us. "You never know. I could fall in love with Sue Sylvester and be completely hooked. That is what I'm rooting for." Sue and Sam? Consider us that couple's No. 1 fan!

John Noble, Fringe

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David: So bummed to hear about John Noble! Glad to hear the show is giving him time to recover, but will the production delay push back the season-five premiere date?
Fret not, Fringe fans as a source assures us that the show will kick off its final season on Friday, Sept. 28, despite the two-week production break. Phew!

Shawn: Revenge me, Kristin!
Please wait while we break out our red Sharpie. OK, we're good, let's continue. Declan's getting a new buddy! Described as a preppy misfit, Trey Chandler (yuppie alert!) will attempt to get Jack's little bro to join him in some summer fun. Trey will appear in the beginning of season two. 

Heather: I cannot wait until New Girl comes back! I'll take anything you've got on the season premiere!
Chubby Schmidt returns! (Why the premiere is not titled this? We'll never know.) Fans will be treated to another flashback of Schmidt, pre-those freakin' abs, and Nick in their college years. Vomit may or may not be involved. (It's totally involved and revoltingly hilarious.)

Frankie: I need 30 Rock final season scoop. Specifically, about the best couple on TV: Jenna and Paul!
As of now, Will Forte has not yet been scheduled to film a guest spot for 30 Rock. How do we know? We're freaking magical. Just kidding, he told us so. "
I never know what's going on. I just get a call saying 'Oh, we want you to come back and do another one," he says. "I'm always delighted to get the call to come back, but it could end at any moment. Those writers are so good and they could find some other really fun thing for Jenna to do but I'm delighted to be a part of that show." And we are delighted to see you in drag, Will.

Gary Sinise, CSI

Richard Cartwright/CBS

Samantha: We never, ever get Rookie Blue spoilers! Make it up to us fans, please!
Will you be happy if we tell you the show will be introducing two new regulars? One is Chloe, Dov's new partner with whom he shares a complicated past (of the romantic nature), while the other, Marlo, will be partnering up with Andy. 

Molly6429: CSI: NY scoop? Pretty please.
Since you asked so nicely, the season opener's fiery storyline, which brings Rob Morrow to the N.Y. stage, will continue into episode two. And while Mac might be working to prove the arsonist's innocence in the premiere, it'll be the opposite in the second go-round. But like all good villains, there's a good reason for this vengeance-seeking-criminal's new targets.  

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Christina Dowling

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