AMERICA'S GOT TALENT,  Howard Stern, Nick Cannon, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel

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Between all the stories about whether or not Sharon Osbourne will be leaving American's Got Talent, we remember that there's still a show going on, and tonight revealed the last four acts that will be moving to the semifinals.

Tonight's episode also ticked off a lot of Justin Bieber fans, but we'll get to that in a bit.

UlyssesOlate Dogs and David "The Bullet" Smith were the first three to come out to the stage and find out their fate. And it seemed like America is loyal to their furry friends, because Olate Dogs will be moving forward.

Next on the chopping block were the dance group Unity in Motion, child mariachi singer Sebastien El Charro and harp player William Close. We seriously thought Sebastien's adorable face and too-cute-for-words demeanor would pull him through, but people would apparently like to hear the sounds of Close's harp.

It was time to see who out of sand artist Joe Castillo, singing pair Eric and Olivia and Horse were going to move forward. Castillo and his crafty sand work will be going to the semis.

Lastly, Lindsey Norton, All That! and Eric Dittelman took the stage and we were really stumped as to who would go home. You put a dancer, a bunch of a cloggers and a mind reader in one group, and we just can't decide! But America was able to, and they chose Dittelman (but he probably already saw that coming—get it?).

And there's your final four, but before we go, let's discuss this Justin Bieber fiasco.

Bieber told fans on Twitter that there would be a teaser video of his latest single "As Long As You Love Me" during tonight's show, but as each aching minute passed, Beliebers realized it was never showed.

And so did Bieber.

"very frustrated. where was it? no joking here," the singer tweeted. "Michael Madsen is pssst."

Doesn't AGT know better than to mess with people stricken with Bieber fever?!

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