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It's a touching remembrance from Aurora's own.

Jono, one of the singers on E!'s Opening Act, has joined forces with several other local musicians to record "Aurora We Stand," a song paying tribute to all those who died in the multiplex shooting in Aurora, Colo., along with their families, survivors and the entire community.

Jono is joined by artists H*Wood, and Ali Pierre on the track, which was posted on today in an effort to help heal the deep wounds after the horrible events last Friday that left 12 people dead and dozens injured. All three singer-songwriters hail from the Denver suburb.

"I linked up with Ali Pierre a local musician," Jono tells E! News. "He kind of tossed the idea to me…as a musician if we want to help we can help by doing our music. We should do a song and dedicate it to the victims' families."

Proceeds from the sales of the song will go toward the victims and their families, one of two projects the crooner has in the works as a way of helping his hometown.

"I plan on doing another song…The writer that I'm working knew a gentleman hat got killed in that. So it's a little more emotional but it speaks the truth as to how we can overcome this as a community," added Jono. "I think is an amazing opportunity for Colorado musicians...and we want to give back."

And that's more than evident by the lyrics in "Aurora We Stand."

"We won't give up./We won't lose a thing./We will come together with heads bowed and pray./This won't define who we are./We won't just fade away./You can try and knock us down,/But our dark nights will raise a brighter day," goes the chorus.

Take a listen. "Aurora We Stand" is available on iTunes and Jono's Facebook fan page.

Tune in to watch Jono on an all-new episode of Opening Act next Monday at 10 p.m. only on E!

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