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Starlet coifs usually fall into one of two categories—weaves or boy cuts.

People like us see an actress with a new weave and automatically start typing about "luscious locks" or "sexy tresses," or, "check out that bald spot."

Boy cuts, meanwhile, trigger endless headlines featuring "confident" and "chic." (Either that, or, "Someone please feed that little boy who looks like Anne Hathaway.")

But, lo, what's this? Is that Jessica Chastain in a new ‘do that defies all of our stock cliches?

The first thing that comes to mind is Vidal Sassoon, that late and great beauty pioneer who gave us geometric cuts and asymmetry. Is that what the Tree of Life actress is going for here? Unclear. We do dig the color, though. Redheads for the win.

Now it's your turn to weigh in on the actress's new chop: Gotta have it or make it stop?

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Are you loving or hating Jessica Chastain's new sheared 'do?
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