Watch Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders on the Red Carpet: Were There Signs of Cheating?

Actress is "feisty and kind of wild," director told E! News at the Snow White and the Huntsman premiere last month

By Natalie Finn Jul 25, 2012 5:09 AMTags

Watching footage of Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders from last month's Snow White and the Huntsman premiere, we can't help but wonder...

Were they giving us clues?!

E! News learned today that the pair engaged in a romantic relationship, with a source then telling People that Stewart was "devastated" about having cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson. So, you really can't help but read new meaning into, well, everything she and Sanders said on the night of June 7.

Stewart's "got a great spirit, she's really quite rebellious...and feisty and kind of wild," Sanders told E! News on the red carpet, his wife (and Snow White's Queen Eleanor) Liberty Ross by his side. "And that's really what I wanted the modern Snow White to have.

"I didn't want her to be timid and I didn't want her to be frightened and relying on men, you know," Sanders continued. "She's very strong and very driven, and I think that's true in her personal life...She's got a big weight of the world on her shoulders and she carries it incredibly well."

The guy's certainly a fan. And he thought she was carrying a big weight then.

"It never felt like a fantasy movie," Stewart said of her experience on set. "Everything I did, I always was totally able to do. We never made her, like, a superhero...You feel like so much more of a badass when you could actually do all of the things your character does, rather than have to fake it."

She was presumably talking about doing her own fight scenes and stunts (a running theme with Stewart is how much she enjoys the fiercer aspects of her different roles), but...it's just so hard not to read into things at this point.

The muck only gets murkier when you compare some of the interviews Stewart has given in just the last few months.

In May, while promoting On the Road at the Cannes Film Festival, Stewart told Coming Soon that she had an interesting time getting to know her character, Dean Moriarty's oft-jilted girlfriend Marylou.

Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

"She's so open and generous and can see the beauty in absolutely everyone," the 22-year-old actress said. "To know that made it easier to play the part...Why is she taking this abuse? That was always a question. She actually took it in stride. She had very different priorities than most people...different limits and different boundaries. To understand that, being a fairly normal girl who would not want my boyfriend cheating on me, it was good to know the woman behind the character."

Meanwhile, in the June 2012 issue of Elle, the cover girl seems to be pining for a little drama—or is it karma?

"You can learn so much from bad things," Stewart said. "I feel boring. I feel like, 'Why is everything so easy for me?' I can't wait for something crazy to f--king happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f--k me over! Do you know what I mean?"


Fidelity was on Pattinson's mind last year while promoting Water for Elephants, in which Reese Witherspoon's circus performer cheats on her abusive ringmaster husband with Pattinson's gentle (and obviously very desirable) veterinary student.

"Life is not black and white...there is one thing I never understood: why people cheat," the British actor mused to Italian Vanity Fair in March 2011.