Natalie Portman, Madame Figaro cover

Madam Figaro

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Do we like Natalie Portman?

She's a Harvard grad, landed herself a hot piece of dancer-man-meat in Benjamin Millepied, has an Oscar on her shelf and seems to eternally look like a baby prostitute.

Yet, here she is—on the cover of Madame Figaro's July 2012 issue making a regular gray tee look as glam as something off of the Paris Fashion Week runway.

The 31-year-old momma deserves to look this good, right? She's talented, smart and kind (probably). We can't hate her just because she possesses a natural beauty that money legitimately can't buy—no matter how much you promise to give the plastic surgeon.

Well, here, let's take a listen to the part of her interview where she talks about her youthful appearance: "It's very strange because my physical traits sometimes make it difficult for others to consider me a woman and at the same time I have been in the business for so long that many think I have already passed the 40 year mark (laughs)."

Excuse us a moment, we've got a case of jealousy induced bile rising in our throats like you wouldn't believe.

For more insights into the beautiful monster that is Natalie, visit!

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