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When we asked Glee fans to voice their wishes for season four in our Fantasy Showrunner series, a huge numbers of Gleeks came forward to complain about the lack of PDA between the same-sex couples on the show. So we did what any good reporter would do when we were on the red carpet for Fox's TCA All-Star party.

First, we told Darren Criss his eyebrows are perfect. And then we stopped Chris Colfer to inform him how fans felt and get his take on the whole situation.

"That surprises me because I always feel like Darren's mouth is on mine. Always. I feel like that is just another day at work," he laughed, before quickly turning serious.

"Actually I don't think I've noticed. I feel like people get mad at that, but I mean you really have to look at how high schools are these days," Colfer said. "Gay couples aren't as comfortable showing PDA, especially in the middle of Ohio. I feel like when people get in uproar about this it's really kind of unfair because the show is trying to portray it as realistically as possible. Don't forget, this is the show where they had the two guys lose their virginity to each other. I mean, that's big. Let's focus on the progress that has been made and not the exact tally please!"

There you have it, Gleeks. Chris Colfer would you like to stop counting. Not altogether, you can continue counting other things, like the number of times Kurt and Blaine do something adorable. If they manage to stay together in season four, that is.

"I always want them together," Criss told us. "The way I see it, you've established that you're the couple. If things shake up I'm all about it, but as long as they know they have to get back together in the end, like all good love stories, than I'm cool with it. But who knows. Chris and I are verging onto old married couple now!"

To get more season four scoop, and to hear Chris Colfer discuss his lack of Emmy nomination this year, check out our full interviews with the boys!

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