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Hey, we can think of an event that'll bring Finn and Rachel back together on Glee next season. A wedding!

And not just any wedding. A Will and Emma wedding! And according to Matthew Morrison, that is a very possible scenario for Glee's fourth season. Plus, Lea Michele told us about Rachel's New York plans, and the hot boy that might steal her heart away from Finn.

Now, the Wemma wedding might need to some sooner than later, because someone is on the way to do some flirtin' with our Rachel!

"Well, what happens is Rachel meets someone in college, but you know when the season first starts off she hasn't heard from Finn, she doesn't really know where things stand so she's sort of hesitant to start anything new," Michele tells our own Kristin Dos Santos. "I have a feeling he is going to be persistent."

That's why we need the Wemma wedding! To bring the whole gang—including Finn and Rachel, back together. Is that in the cards come season four?

"I hope so," Morrison says. "I think there's plans to be a wedding this year. I think it's going to be one of those episodes where that is the thing that brings everyone back. So I'm hoping that will happen."

As for the non-wedding, non-Finchel aspects of season four, Michele admits that fans need not to worry about the new formula

"I think the formula is amazing," she gushes. "Everybody is so freaked out about how are they going to do it. I'm like, 'It's not that complicated!' I'm very happy with it. And the second episode is our second Britney Spears tribute and it is so funny. And now we're on at 9 and it's definitely much know, we bumped it up a little bit for that hour."

Oh, my. Isn't that a spicy little tease?

For more Glee season four scoop, including how Emma might change Will for the better, check out our full interviews with Lea and Matt!

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