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Kirstie Alley visibly slimmed down during her run on Dancing With the Stars last year.

The former Fat Actress star also said during appearances on QVC and in online promotional materials that a weight-loss product called Organic Liaison helped her drop 100 pounds.

But now a disgruntled dieter has taken it upon herself (and whoever wants to join her would-be class-action suit) to prove that Alley and the supplement maker have engaged in "nothing more than a healthy deception" to get people to buy their product—and that Alley literally danced her butt off.

Meanwhile, in a statement sent to E! News by Alley's manager, Organic Liaison calls the claims against them "patently false."

Plaintiff Marina Abramyan charges in the lawsuit filed Friday and obtained by E! News that DWTS "tracked [Alley's] weight loss as a result of hours and hours of dancing every day for several months." Meaning, Abramyan says, the supplements weren't what whittled the Cheers star's frame down to an announced "size 6 and still counting."

Alley's extreme weight loss was the "result of an above average exercise regimen and extremely low calorie diet," according to the suit.

Fancy that.

Also in her complaint, Abramyan states that she purchased the product, followed the Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program and "did not experience any of the benefits Defendants advertised."

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Furthermore, she contends, there are "no well-controlled, well-conducted studies" regarding the effectiveness of Organic Liaison or whether or not they're any better than "standard dietary supplements incapable of causing weight loss."

Abramyan alleges that the supplement's marketing campaign involving Alley violates Federal Trade Commission regulations and that she wrote to the company demanding they cease their deceptive practices.

The Florida-based entity wrote Abramyan back in February, denying her claims and refusing to change their advertising practices, prompting her to file suit.

She is seeking an injunction preventing Organic Liaison from proceeding with its current campaign, which utilizes before-and-after-DWTS photos of Alley, as well as unspecified damages for the "proposed plaintiff class."

The supplement maker, meanwhile, says that Alley started their weight-loss program in "early 2010" and had already dropped 70 pounds by the time DWTS began. She went on to lose another 20 pounds while on the show, but did not hit the 100-pound mark until "months after" the show ended—thanks, the complain asserts, to her "studious adherence to the Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program, which requires regular exercise for success.

One and a half years spent on the program was a key factor in Alley's slimmed-down shape, the company maintains. "We will vigorously defend ourselves against these frivolous claims," the defendant said. 

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