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By Team WWK Jul 24, 2012 12:40 PMTags

Once upon a time...there was a show on TV that was constantly cranking out crazy-hot characters that led us to develop unhealthy crushes on fictional characters. And that show is Once Upon a Time.

So what kind of new hottie is sauntering into Storybrooke next season? And speaking of new hotties, The Vampire Diaries will be getting yet another impossibly attractive castmember added to the roster in season four, and we've got the details. All that, plus Supernatural, The Office, Happy Endings and more in today's Spoiler Chat...

Emily: So excited for Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time! Have any information on any other new characters coming to town?
The ABC hit is introducing a damaged (but in the sexy kind of way) character named Jack, who is described as charismatic and mysterious. While he's got swagger like Jagger, Jack is from a dangerous land and is running from his past. Basically, this guy has got "new TV crush" written all over him and viewers might see him stick around on the show for awhile. (P.S. Could Jack be the Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk? While we're not 100 percent sure, we do know that Jack will be popping up in season two. Hm...)

Michael: TVD scoop please!
In addition to new girl April, played by Nine Lives of Chloe King alum Grace Phipps, another female will be joining the CW hit in season four on a recurring basis: Hayley, who is described as gorgeous and sexy, nurturing and tough, but also protective. She'll share some kind of history with Tyler. Vague enough for ya? 

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Tabitha: I'll take anything you've got on the new season of Supernatural!
Mythology fans, prepare to geek out. In Supernatural's third episode of the season, we'll meet Plutus, the host of a high-end auction who likes the bids to go higher and higher (how fitting considering Plutus is the God of wealth?), and Mr. Vili, who is after one of the auction's items and will do anything it takes to get it. In Norse mythology, Vili is one of the three gods of creation.


bronzia88: Downton Abbey scoop!! Downton Abbey scoop!! Please?
You got it, but now we have a dilemma, you didn't specify if you want spoilers of the upstairs or downstairs variety. So we'll have to choose for you. Although we told you there was some rocky seas ahead don't worry Matthew-Mary fans, they do have a chance to have a blush-inducing conversation mere steps from Matthew's mother. It's adorably risqué. 

Derek: You've been holding out on us Office fans, lady. Make it up to us now!
You're in luck because we just chatted with one of the show's stars to discuss the upcoming season. "I think some big things are going to happen because it's time for big things to happen," Angela Kinsey tells us of the NBC comedy post-James Spader. "I'm told right out of the gate some Dwight-Angela stuff happen with the baby. Who's my baby daddy?" Bonus scoop? Despite landing her own show, The Mindy Project for Fox, Mindy Kaling will pop up in the premiere episode and "maybe another" episode, she revealed at press tour. Wheeee!

Peter: What's happening when Raising Hope returns this season?
There is only one situation worse than the gang losing baby Hope, and that situation is losing Maw Maw. That's right, in the first episode back, Maw Maw goes missing after an, er, unfortunate misunderstanding with Child Services. Raising Hope, we have missed you.


Georgia: Got anything on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23? I love Krysten Ritter.
There's a new b---- coming to give Chloe a run for her money! It might surprise you that Wilfred's ultimate sweet girl next door, Fiona Gubelmann, will be getting her mean girl on next season in the ABC comedy.

Jack in Los Angeles: It's been awhile since you've given us Happy Endings scoop! What gives?
Oh, terribly sorry, sir. We forgot that we live to serve you. Except we don't, but since we love Happy Endings, we will oblige. Season three is going to start off with someone in the gang having a pretty serious injury. Don't worry, it's not life threatening, but one of the gals will end up in a full body cast after a nasty fall. Yikes. Plus, Dave and Alex will continue their together-not really together situation, and it's not going great. Oh, and newly unemployed Brad? He'll be tricking his wife Jane with some homemade candles. Does any of this make sense? Don't worry…it will when Happy Endings finally returns to our TV lives in the fall.

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