Tyler Shields, Morgan Eastwood Shoot

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On the season finale of Mrs. Eastwood & Company, things between Dina Eastwood and Tyler Shields come to a head.

That's because the celeb photographer and beau to Francesca Eastwood has an idea: He wants to shoot Morgan Eastwood as part of his Los Angeles gallery opening.

"Tyler is so out of my comfort zone," Dina says. "He's dangerous. He seeks chaos. I'm not sure that I want young and impressionable Morgan doing a photoshoot with somebody of Tyler's magnitude."

But, in an effort to trust her 15-year-old daughter, Dina agrees. So, it's goodbye Carmel and hello La-La Land for Morgan and Francesca.

"Tyler is pitching me ideas that I would never do in a million years," Morgan says when they arrive at Tyler's.

Eventually, though, Morgan agrees to do a shoot where they snap photos of her in a pool. It's interesting, because we remember Momma Dina specifically saying that the only background they could use was a white wall. Pool, white wall, same thing, right?

Not according to Dina who, when she learns about the pool, rescinds her offer to allow Tyler use of Morgan's image for the gallery opening.

Too bad the gallery opening is less than 24 hours away and this puts Tyler in an awkward position.

"Dina has not seen the photo," Tyler says. "All she knows is that it's just inappropriate because I'm inappropriate."

It forces to Tyler to acknowledge that even though they reconciled in Maui, he still has a lot of work to do. He takes the opportunity to drive to Carmel and confront Dina one-on-one with the photograph in tow.

"The deeper I get in with Tyler, he shows me where he's coming from," Dina says. "He tries hard and it's time that I really make an effort to bury the hatchet."

"With any relationship it takes time," Tyler says. "Dina and I understand each other now and I feel like we've made peace."

Will that peaceful feeling stick, or will Tyler's risk taking land him back in the doghouse with Dina?

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