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Looks like Dark Knight Rises fans aren't the only ones having trouble taking criticism these days.

Rapper MC Chris picked Tuesday night's concert in Philadelphia as the right time and place to call out a fan for daring to tweet something negative about one of the Adult Swim fave's opening acts. (That's right, Chris freaked out over a tweet that wasn't even about him.)

But since Chris heard what the Twitterverse had to say about him kicking a guy named Mike Taylor out of his show, it appears that the 36-year-old artist has turned over a new leaf when it comes to dealing with people's right to free speech.

He started with a YouTube apology to Taylor, in which he broke down around the 2:20 mark.

"I had a horrible day today," Chris began in the video he posted Wednesday night, "and I'm sure someone else had a bad day today, too, because they didn't get to see the show [in Philly] last night and didn't see the bands they wanted to see because I kicked them out of the venue."

"It wasn't right, it wasn't cool, I did the wrong thing, I definitely made a mistake," he said solemnly. "But I think there are bigger issues at hand, given all the comments about how I seem—or how I act, I should say, onstage."

Chris had already apologized to Taylor via Twitter after the humiliated concertgoer wrote about his experience on Reddit—but the Internet wasn't done with the Race Wars rapper. (You know how it goes—a lot of hate out there these days comes with "@" or "#" attached to it.)

"I'm apologetic about it today," he continued, "not just because everyone called me on it, but because it's just not cool when something that's just wrong about me, and I want to fix it really bad."

"I'm sorry," he whispered as he tried to stifle his tears. "I want to be a good person, and I try to be."

Well, for starters, Taylor—who had recounted the "combination of humiliation, shock and disappointment" he felt in a Reddit post—certainly feels better now. And in addition to getting a refund for his troubles, the New-Jersey based fan also gained a little perspective.

"@chris_m_c My unclassy tweet started this, an even more classless act escalated it," Taylor tweeted today. "Seems to me that classlessness only causes more trouble."

"Last few days have been pretty fun and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy all the attention," he added a few hours late, "but, if you wanna put it in perspective...@_mchris is putting on a show in front of a smilingBaltimore crowd tonight, & I'm about to record a podcast in my friend's kitchen."

MC Chris also tweeted about tonight's show in Baltimore: "no one gets kicked out, everyone can tweet whatever they like, and i'll make sure everyone feels respected. and there's music too!"

A very respectable tweet, indeed.

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