Top 5 Women of the 2012 Emmy Nominations: Who Will Be Best Dressed?

It's time for the 2012 Emmy Nominations and we've got all the inside fashion predictions you need!

By Leslie Gornstein Jul 19, 2012 10:11 PMTags
Michelle Dockery, Zooey Deschanel, Nicole Kidman, Claire Danes, Tina FeyFrazer Harrison, John Shearer,Jason Merritt/Getty Images; John Shearer,Jeff Vespa/

TV fans are enjoying Christmas in July as the Emmy nominations roll in today.

Of course, they may be gabbing about who's gonna win a statue, but we're focused on the more important stuff: Who's gonna have the best dress?

Think we kid? Well, consider this: British beauty Michelle Dockery, twee fan fave Zooey Deschanel, tall drink-o-glam Nicole Kidman, unpredictable wild card Claire Danes and classy comedy maven Tina Fey are all set to hit the red carpet on the same high-wattage night!

Who might come out on top? Tough to say at this early hour. But given Nicole and Claire's penchant for shiny dresses—such as the blue sequined Oscar de la Renta that the Homeland star wore to last year's ceremony, or the jeweled Dior that Mrs. Keith Urban chose—we expect at least a little glitter from the movie-star quarter.

Dockery, meanwhile, may strategize by going in the opposite direction. The English rose loves a good gown, particularly one crafted by a British designer, but she seems to prioritize a meticulous cut over embellishments. Whether she'll opt for another plunging number like the one she wore last year is anyone's guess, but with a bod like that, could you blame her?

As for Tina, well, her looks have been hit or miss, but she tends to favor understated over glitz. It's almost the opposite approach of New Girl star Zooey, who has a capricious, playful style that can never be predicted. Will she channel another rockabilly-era princess like she did for last year's show?

You tell us!

Which Emmy nominee will take home the fashion crown at the upcoming awards?


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Which Emmy nominee will be best dressed come awards night?
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