How I Met Your Mother

2012 Fox Television

Meet the mother now! No, meet the mother later! That's pretty much the argument you fans have about How I Met Your Mother's route in season eight (and maybe season nine, too).

After carefully poring over your suggestions and comments that came from our Fantasy Showrunner series, we've narrowed down the wish list to the top three most requested and most talked about plotlines that you fans hope to get out of HIMYM...

Ted Meets the Mother Soon: "Ted should meet the "mother" already. This has dragged on for too long. By the time he meets the mother of his children, he and the "mother" will be too old to have kids! I stopped watching the show because the storyline has gone on for too long. None of these people are getting any younger."—Mandy

Ted Meets the Mother at the End: "I think the show should end on the day Ted meets The Mother. I don't want to see a season of the two of them dating each other because I don't want the show to ruin my perfect picture of what I think the two of them will be like together. I don't want to not like The Mother after getting to know her so I would rather Ted just meet her and then that's the end."—Matt

Barney and Robin Forever…But Not Yet: "I would love to see Barney and Robin together, forever. They have something magical and have unfinished business between them."—Lea

"Don't throw Barney and Robin back together right away, but don't drag it out, either. Build up to it."—Liz

Agree? Disagree? Hash it out in the comments below!

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