Bruce Springsteen

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The Boss decides when the music stops!

Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney's surprise duet in London last Saturday got cut short when promoters pulled the plug due to Hyde Park's curfew. But Springsteen, who was booed by confused and upset concertgoers, didn't lose his sense of humor over the ordeal.

Per the BBC, the 62-year-old rocker took the stage in Dublin and flipped the switch to a supersized prop generator. "Before we were so rudely interrupted," he said, and then kicked off with "Twist and Shout," the Beatles' song he didn't get to perform last Saturday.

Springsteen also held up a sign reading, "Only the Boss says when to pull the plug," and wheeled on a giant on/off switch before launching into "Dancing in the Dark."

A man dressed as a London police officer also came onstage near the end of the show and pretended to arrest Springsteen. The Boss took a playful poke at Dublin's City Council chiefs, who fined him and his band for playing past their curfew at two shows in July 2009.

He quipped that he wasn't "sure when the curfew is tonight," and asked the crowd, "Do you really have curfews in Ireland?"

Joking aside, Springsteen wrapped up his show before the 11 p.m. cutoff decided upon by the city of Dublin and his concert promoters.

And that's why he's the Boss.

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