David Hasselhoff

YouTube/Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

We know that some fans can't get enough of David Hasselhoff, but this is too much!

A convenience-store chain is claiming that massive cardboard-cutout ads featuring the 60-year-old star's hammy mug are being swiped at an alarming rate throughout its stores in the East Coast, per published reports.

Talk about consumer frenzy!

Cumberland Farms says that over the past few weeks, about 550 ads have been pilfered outside its stores in New England and Florida.

The supersize cardboard stand-ups—seriously, they're ginormous—show the bouffant-astic Baywatch star clad in a tank top as he shills for iced tea for the Massachusetts-based chain, which has about 600 locations across the East Coast.

A company rep claims that only about 20 more ads remain in its stores.

One shocked store employee, who chatted with a local news show, says that insistent customers offer to buy the poster "probably every night."

Oh, The Hoff: Whether he's a wax statue or a cardboard cutout, he's still—literally—in high demand.

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