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You all know the old Degrassi saying, "It's about to get real"? 

Well, for junior Jenna (Jessica Tyler), it got pretty real last season when she had to give her baby up for adoption. While the decision was tough, it ultimately was the best thing for the baby and Jenna, who has been surprisingly drama-free so far in season 12 (aka Degrassi: Showdown). Too bad that's about to change very, very soon.

We chatted with Jessica about what fans can expect from the rest of the season, which showdown Jenna will be taking part in and which hockey hottie she has her eye on. Plus, we've got an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's all-new episode of the TeenNick hit, in which someone calls one of the Degrassi girls a "floozy." (Ouch!)

"This season is really about choosing sides between the characters, and I think Jenna has picked her side," Jessica teases. "Definitely there will be a showdown or maybe a couple of showdowns this season."

Degrassi is known for its epic finales, and Jessica assures us that Showdown's finale will be no exception. "I think it really is just kind of a big ending to all the showdowns. Everything just kind of comes together and explodes in one episode," she explains. "Everyone is included for the time being, and there are lots of surprises."

One showdown that the show's promos have been hinting at is between fan favorite Eli (Munro Chambers) and newbie Becky Baker (Sarah Fisher), a conservative Christian transfer student from Florida, whom Jenna will be getting close with.

"Jenna and Becky seem to get along," Jessica says. "They're both pretty outgoing, and they're both fun and energetic. Their characters get along quite well, and they spend some time together this season."

As for Jenna's love life this season? Well, Degrassi fans waiting to see Jenna and Jake (Justin Kelly) finally get together shouldn't hold their breath. "I think Jake and Jenna have a really good chemistry. I know it's just seeming to be friendship right now. I think for sure the friendship will carry over, and I guess we'll see what happens from there."

But just because Jenna isn't hooking up with Jake doesn't mean she won't be spending time with another guy this season. "Jenna does like her hockey players," Jessica hints. "She always has her eye on someone!" Something tells us Becky's twin brother, Luke (Craig Arnold), fits the bill, but will the fact that Jenna had a baby stand in their way? 

Still, it doesn't sound like Jenna will be getting serious with any guy anytime soon. "[Jenna] likes talking to boys and she likes meeting new friends, so I think this season will be a fun season for Jenna," she says. "I think we'll get to see the happy side of her that we haven't seen in a long time."

While it's been confirmed that the seniors, including Eli and Fiona (Annie Clark), will graduate at the end of this season, it's yet to be determined if that means the actors will be leaving the show. Could Degrassi be giving college another try?

"I think Degrassi is really famous for being a high-school show. It's is always nice to see characters excel, and whether or not they'll do that again, I'm not sure," Jessica says. "I should ask the writers that because I would love to stay around forever! [Laughs.] I think it is nice to keep it realistic. It's almost like real high school. I just graduated from high school last year, so it will almost be like I'm reliving my graduation when my time comes."

For now, Jenna will still be navigating her way through high school and being called "a floozy" by her BFF Alli's (Melinda Shankar) mom after Alli panics and says the pregnancy test is actually Jenna's.

Just watch our exclusive clip from tonight's episode, "Say It Ain't So," to see all the juicy action go down.

Would you like to see Degrassi give college another try? What showdown are you most looking forward to seeing  this year? Sound off in the comments!

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