Russell Brand Confirms Relationship with Isabella Brewster and Talks Divorce From Katy Perry

"Part of Me" singer's ex-hubby has moved on, hear what he has to say about dating Jordana Brewster's little sis

By Alyssa Toomey Jul 18, 2012 10:20 PMTags
Russell Brand, Isabella Brewster, Katy PerrySplash; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Russell Brand is officially a single guy, and he's not wasting any time jumping back into the dating pool.

The 37-year-old funnyman confirmed Wednesday morning to Howard Stern that he is indeed dating Isabella Brewster—little sister to Dallas star Jordana Brewster.

But that doesn't mean Russell's kissed all memories of Katy Perry goodbye, even though the British bloke had no qualms discussing his latest post-KP fling.

"Some things in the newspaper aren't true…that's true, actually," Russell said in regards to his relationship with Isabella.

Stern continued to question the comedian, asking whether he's dating five or six women, but the newly single star admitted he's "just kinda enjoying the freedom of it." The Rock of Ages star also insinuated that there was someone in bed with him during the interview.

But, that doesn't mean the topic of Katy and Russell's relationship went untouched. In fact, Stern seemed all-too-eager to hound Russell on his former union:

"Before we got married, I just thought, 'I've got to marry her, I just love her so much,'" Brand said of his marriage to the songstress. "And then we got married and I thought, 'OK, this isn't really working out.'"

Although Russell admits he's now "happy" and has seemingly moved on, he still has great admiration for his former spouse, even previously confessing to Ellen DeGeneres that he still loves the California Gurl:

"She's young, successful and dedicated," Brand gushed before later adding, "She's beautiful and she's sensitive and I care about her deeply."

Not only does Russell still admire the "Wide Awake" singer, but he also had no interest in claiming half of Katy's $40-million-plus fortune in their (relatively) clean divorce settlement:

"I've got a good job," Russell said. "All I want to do is live a good life…I'm not into taking money from women."

Sounds like a pretty stand-up answer, right? And Russell's apparently gained the approval of one very important fan.

"[Russell] is a good guy," Jordana said when E! News caught up with Isabella's big sis.

Since the divorce, Katy has most recently been linked to Florence + the Machine's Robert Ackroyd, but the "Part of Me" singer has also played nice when it comes to talking about her ex.

Glad to see everyone's getting along! Now, if we could only pass along that friendly formula to Tom and Katie.