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Breaking news: A new schemer is heading to the Hamptons!

Revenge will be welcoming a new recurring character in season two and something tells us she'll fit right in with the social-climbers and schemers that populate the hit ABC series. And we've also got intel on Once Upon a Time's take on the infamous (and perhaps swoonworthy?) Captain Hook! 

Plus, we've got scoop on Fringe, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones and more in today's Spoiler Chat, so jump on in 'cause the scoop is warm...

Sabrina in Los Angeles: I am absolutely dying without Revenge spoilers! Save me, Kristin!
Don't you dare give up on us! We have some great stuff to tell you about Revenge's season-two premiere, so hang in there! The first episode back is titled "Bound," and in this episode we'll meet Eve, who will be Ashley's party-planning protégé, and Dr. Thomas, who is the founder of a recovery center in the Hamptons. Could he possibly be the next target for Emily's red Sharpie? Hmmm, what could he have done to piss her off? Can't wait to find out!

Erin: Thanks for the OUAT scoop from Comic-Con! Anything else you can tell us?
Well, now that you know that the legendary Captain Hook is coming to Storybrooke, I bet you'd like to know how soon you'll get to see him on your small screen. Unfortunately, we won't officially meet the captain until episode four, and not only that, but the powers-that-be over at OUAT might keep him around longer than just a couple of episodes! And rest assured, Hook will have a British accent. Swoon. But he's also described as vindictive, fearsome and ready to defeat and humiliate any and all enemies. Not so much swoonage regarding that.

Kyle in Eldon, Mo.: Do we know for sure that Daenerys' storyline is why Game of Thrones is filming in Morocco? I have other theories.
That was what we speculated at first but not anymore, since Emilia Clarke herself confirms to us that she is indeed headed to Morocco! As for your other theories, please put them in a 50-slide power point presentation and send them our way. Thanks. "I have to pack my sunscreen for Morocco," Clarke tells us with a wink. "There will be a fair amount of skin [this season]." Oh, how unfortunate for you fan boys (and fan girls). And what does season three hold for the lovely dragon lady? "So basically when we left off season two, Daenery got her mojo back, so that is just continuing through season three," Clarke says. When we asked her if she'll be getting more powerful, she only smiled and coyly answered: "It's all good." March 31, 2013…get here faster

The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev

Frank Ockenfels/ The CW

Heather: Any scoopy goodness on the final season of Fringe?!
Fringe was light on the spoilers at Comic-Con, but we did manage to get some juicy information on Walter in 2036 now that the missing piece of his brain was added back in. "That missing brain piece has come up in the first episode. I can't guarantee you that he's going to be fully there, which is going to be a big obstacle for the Fringe team to get through starting in the very first episode," Jasika Nicole teases. "I can't say that the relationship [between Walter and Astrid] is going to be much different, but it's definitely going be more difficult because at this point he is the only person that they can go to in this future world in 2036; they have to be all secretive about it because they're not supposed to be out of the amber. They're not supposed to be around. They're really stealth, on the low, crawling around, hiding behind buildings, and trying to get through secret places." We. Can't. Wait.

Tricia: Please, I beg of you, Vampire Diaries scoop that isn't about the love triangle.
How about scoop that is about one person in said love triangle? As if her transition won't be giving her enough to deal with, we've learned that Connor, the new vampire hunter (played by Todd Williams) coming to MysticFalls, will set his sights on Elena. Can't a girl transition in peace?!

Cassie: I'll take any information you've got on Castiel in the new season of Supernatural!
Everyone's favorite angel will first appear in episode two, but will the version of Castiel we first see be one we recognize? "Actually, more or less, yes," Misha Collins teases. "There will be some physical differences. Maybe not hugely significant. This is a really lame teaser, but it's true." While he wouldn't spill the changes, he did rule out one possiblity: it doesn't involve Cas' wardrobe.

Cassie Steele, The LA Complex

Stephen Scott/Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc.

Tyler_hayes: I feel like you have no love for The L.A. Complex! You never give us any scoop!
Listen up, we have all the love for the CW soap. Seriously, it's the perfect summer show. To make up for our lack of scoop, here are five teases for next week's episode: Abby lands a job on Saving Grace, despite showing up in a bra (typical Abby!) and makes two frenemies after walking in on some very unholy behavior on set, Connor gets an interesting offer from a movie star that girlfriend Raquel is surprisingly OK with, Tariq does not appear at all (miss you, boo!), Nick's sweet new gig turns into more of an audition, and Kaldrick's storyline will continue to make you cry as he finally admits that he needs help…and maybe admits something else. Oh, and we're hearing Alicia is gone from the show for good. Enough scoop for ya? 

Norma: Got anything on CSI: New York?
Mac may have survived his shooting of last season's finale, but he's still suffering very ill effects from teetering on the edge of death, including memory loss. Ruh. Roh. Will he able to continue as boss of the crime lab if his competency is called into question? Only time will tell if his lapses in memory are permanent.

 —Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Christina Dowling

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