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With the giant, marble-like eyes of Pikachu and the tiny, triangular ears of a grizzly cub, it's clear that Taylor Swift's cat, Meredith, was forged in the great Furnace of Cuteness, infused with the power to wipe out all celebrity pets who dare stand in her path.

The name Meredith means "great lord," and in choosing that moniker for her whiskered companion, it seems Tay Tay intends for her adorable kitten to one day rise to the great challenge of unseating Miley Cyrus' dog Happy from the mighty Throne of Awwwwww.

Ah, but here's the twist.

Judging from the verité video footage of the fuzzy little juggernaut on YouTube, it's clear that the cat mostly has been wielding its forces over Taylor herself. The country darling has been all but enslaved by its siren meows, each one as mind-bendingly powerful as a dozen Jedis.

Mesmerized, she pets the cat again and again, like an ancient Greek servant placing grapes into the mouth of her master.

Meredith has taken hold of Taylor's Instagram and Twitter feeds, too, posing in coquettish, occasionally sensual positions that have entranced her into documenting and sharing the cat's every move.

In fact, it's hard not to assume that Meredith was the one who convinced Taylor to straighten her iconic curls—perhaps because their resemblance to menacing balls of yarn drove the kitty mad?

But what we love most about Meredith is how she has become a conduit into Taylor's private world. If not for the steady stream of cat-themed clips and snapshots, we wouldn't get such regular glimpses at the superstar singer's off-stage wardrobe or tip-offs on her taste in rugs and bedding.

It also puts a fun twist on big career moments, like when Taylor posted a clip of herself explaining to Meredith how the ACM award voting process works.

Now that we really think about it, maybe Meredith is actually an undercover agent working on behalf of the fans.

While the paparazzi spend hours trolling for candid pics of celebs like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton with their shopping-bag-sized Chihuahuas, this famous feline has transformed Taylor into her own obsessive shutterbug. Diabolical!

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