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In her industry, they call her The Body—and it looks like that moniker is still as appropriate as ever!

Behold this Aussie mannequin as she suns herself in Ibiza, a popular spot with supermodels the world over. Her million-dollar bum none the worse for wear (for the most part) after more than three decades in the biz.

So, who is this devastator from Down Under? Last chance to guess...

Elle Macpherson


It's Elle Macpherson, of course!

We're not sure who designed her fabulous blue-and-white bikini, but we know it wasn't her. (The beauty and entrepreneur has her own line of intimates, but it doesn't include bathing suits. At least, not yet.)

We also love Elle's long pendant necklace, pretty much the only low-hanging thing on the girl—even though she's 48.

So, what's next for this babe after she gets through with her Spanish sojourn? Well, we hear that MacPherson won't be back as a host for a second season of her series, Fashion Star, but with a figure like that, we're not worried for her future.

Long live The Body!

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