Seal, Henry

Felipe Ramales;

Kill us with cuteness, why don't you, Seal?

Fresh from holiday in Sardinia, Heidi Klum's soon-to-be ex-husband enjoyed an ice cream outing to Central Park with Klum's daughter Leni and their children together, sons Henry and Johan and daughter Lou.

Perhaps having heard that the park can be a dicey place sometimes, 6-year-old Henry came prepared—his Superman T-shirt had an attached cape!

After a long day of being prepared-in-spirit to fight crime and gobbling frozen treats, Seal scooped a tired-looking Henry onto his lap for a hug.

And, wouldn't you know, a photographer was there to capture the picture-perfect moment.

Klum is also in New York, as she was spotted leaving her apartment building today with her mother, Erma.

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