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High five, Grey's Anatomy fans! You did a great job playing Fantasy Showrunner. In fact we see real potential for you in Hollywood. We got so many tweets, comments and emails about what you'd like to see done differently, so we compiled them into a handy list.

A lot of you had the same ideas on how to bring back the glory days of Seattle Grace—including making that plane crash just be a terrible nightmare. More Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) time, a smaller cast of characters and to go back in a time machine and resurrect Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh)—these are just some of your brilliant ideas.

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Goodbye for Mark and Lexie: "Chyler did ask to leave the show, but she didn't have to be killed off. She could have gotten an amazing job somewhere else or something like that. Shonda knew from the beginning of the season that Chyler was going to leave, so why not work on the Lexie-Mark (Eric Dane) relationship and give her a decent sendoff?"—Jujz

Stick to Smaller Cast: "Grey's was perfect in the old days when there were just nine series regulars. But there are 14 regulars (down to 12 after the finale) and it's just too much. The newbies take a lot of screen time away from the originals."—BP

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No More Catastrophic Events: "I love the characters and the dialogue, but I'm hanging on by a thread as a Grey's fan because of all the epic catastrophes that are just meant to draw ratings, starting a few seasons back with Meredith's drowning. A ferry crash, a bomb, a shooting and now a plane crash? What else am I missing? Stick to the characters, witty dialogue, drama and hospital politics and leave out the catastrophes."—Abbs

Back to Basics: "Meredith and Derek would have more screen time like the old days." —Gemma

What do you think of the most common suggestions? Like them? Dislike them? Sound off in the comments!

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