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You love Gossip Girl. You really love Gossip Girl.

We received a lot of emails, tweets and comments from you die-hard Gossip Girl fans after we asked you to tell us how you'd like to see the CW series end as part of our Fantasy Showrunner series. So what were the four most talked-about storylines and ideas that would totally happen if the fans were running the show?

Well, they include a wedding, the return of a fan favorite or two, and more!

Happy Endings All Around: "I pretty much want Chuck and Blair to get married, with Nate as the best man and Serena as maid of honor. Then, Carter shows up at the reception on a Vespa and whisks Serena away for a trip around the world. Meanwhile, Nate discovers that GG is, in fact, Penelope, and she only did all of this because of his numerous rejections in favor of every other girl on the show, and they fall in love. Dan stops writing his mean book and realizes he's become what he hates, so he goes to visit Vanessa in Barcelona. Lily screws Bart out of his company and gives it back to Chuck, then she and Rufus renew their vows and go live with Jenny in London."—Emily

Restored Friendships: "I'd also like to see more of the friendships—Blair/Serena and Chuck/Nate in particular—and also the more neglected friendships like Chuck/Serena, Blair/Nate, even Chuck/Dan."—Allie

The Return of Fan Favorites: "I'd love to see Jenny again—I want her to be hugely successful and to have a brief scene with Blair, Eleanor or Chuck. I want Eric back to be a groomsman at CB's wedding. I want Carter Baizen back to say 'Hey, beautiful' to Serena in the way that only Carter Baizen can."—Ellie Valentina

A Cameo by Kristen Bell: "I think the final episode should have Kristen Bell walking by the NJBC with a smirk on her face as the show ends—'You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl.'"—Nic

What do you think about the most requested wishes for the final season of Gossip Girl? Agree? Disagree? Head on down to the comments to talk it out!

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