As we wait to see who Emily Maynard picks to be her future hubby, we had to catch up with all the other guys that missed their chance.

Chris Harrison got together with all of her former suitors (minus Jef and Arie) to touch base on all the big points from this season for the Men Tell All special.

Let's get started!

Not very surprising, the main target for the night was Kalon (cue the crowd's boos).

After getting reminded about his helicopter arrival and how he dissed Emily by calling her daughter Ricki "baggage," Kalon told the audience that the reason he went on the show, even after knowing that The Bachelorette was a single mom, was because, "I didn't know for a fact that I absolutely did not want a step child. I was still very interested in meeting Emily. I'm an optimist, I really believe that anything can happen."

And as for all of Kalon's other offensive remarks, it's America's fault for getting offended because according to Kalon, we want things sugarcoated.

Next in the hot seat was Ryan, and it was hard not to swoon over his charm while watching the recap of his relationship with Emily, which got cut short, to all of our surprise.

He might have come off arrogant on the show, but the confident Ryan explained that, "It wasn't all about Emily. It was about me finding my wife."

But sorry guys (and Ryan), Chris Harrison confirmed on behalf of ABC that he will not be the next Bachelor.

We heard from Ryan's BFF (not) next, Chris, who laid his feelings out on the line for Emily during the show and then got the boot after hometown visits.

"I loved that girl 110 percent," he told Harrison. "And that's why you can see myself being overly emotional sometimes."

Speaking of being overly emotional, Chris started choking up talking about how he'd fight for something that he truly believed in.

"We're here today, we could be gone tomorrow. I've lost a couple good friends and that's why when I say the things I say, I mean it. I'm not holding anything back because I feel like there might not be the opportunity to say it tomorrow."

It was time to talk to the last man to go home and—judging by the crowd's reaction—America's favorite guy on the show Sean, who suffered his first heartbreak on The Bachelorette.

"I fell in love with this girl and I fell in love with her for a number of reasons. She is an amazing person and that's not gonna fade overnight, I wish it would, but it hasn't. Although, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm certainly still emotional and when I think about her and think about all the good times we had, I miss her, no doubt about it."

Sean told us he was very open to finding love and hopes she comes sooner rather than later—maybe he's our next Bachelor?

The Tell All special couldn't end without an appearance by Emily.

"I want you to know that I watched the episode and literally sat in my room and did the ugly cry, ugly, ugly, ugly cry," she told Sean. "Everything that I felt for you was so true and so genuine and real for me."

However, she does have one regret—not giving Doug the group date rose in London after telling her about Kalon.

"I could be engaged to Kalon right now," she said, "and thank God for Doug."

That was a perfect segue for Kalon to offer up an apology to Emily for his ridiculous unnecessary comment about her daughter, but it didn't seem like Emily cared too much for it.

"And you, my dear, should be a politician," she told him, "because that is the biggest load of bulls--t I ever heard."

There you have it, folks!

Don't forget to watch the three-hour live finale this Sunday (yes, different night) to see if Emily picks Jef or Arie.

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