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Madonna and Britney Spears, prepare to make some room!

If there's one thing Glee loves, it's a tribute episode and we've learned that the Fox megahit is planning yet another one for the second half of season four. So which artist will be getting the Glee treatment?

Plus, who's in some serious danger on Vampire Diaries and which fan-favorite guest star can Once Upon a Time fans expect to see in season two? We've got the answers to all those questions, plus scoop on NCIS: LA, Bones, Teen Wolf and more in today's Spoiler Chat!

Cld_caroline: Can you say something about the new characters of Glee?
Y'all know how we're meeting Puck's younger brother in the new season? Well, here's what Ian Brennan would share about the character when we chatted with him at Comic-Con: "Jake is sort of a bad boy who appears at the school." Are you suffering an information overdose yet?  

Nicholas: Glee me, Kristin!
Go wash your mouth out with soap, Nicholas, 'cause that sounded kind of dirty! While the show is already doing another big Britney Spears tribute episode in season four, the powers-that-be are currently working on finalizing a deal with an even bigger artist. "There's an artist big enough that it's going to take two episodes that will be in the back nine," Ian teases. "That's how large the catalogue is." His only hint about the artist? "Male."

Beth: Vampire Diaries scoop, please and thank you!
Matt Donovan fans, you may want to avert your eyes: "Matt's going to have a tough year. I'm not kidding you, Matt's going to have a really tough year. I feel bad for Matt," Ian Somerhalder warns of Damon's feelings toward Mystic Falls' No. 1 quarterback/busboy after learning that Stefan chose to save him over Elena.

Sebastian Stan

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Samantha: I'll take anything you've got on Once Upon a Time!
Princess Aurora comes in a package deal! The ABC hit series is currently looking for a Prince Phillip to go hand-in-hand with Aurora and he kind of reminds us of Charming: He is known to selflessly shoulder the burden for those around him and is a skilled warrior. Oh, and he's very handsome. Duh-doy!

_serenachan: any news on the Mad Hatter from Once Upon a Time?
Showrunner Edward Kitsis was pretty tight-lipped about season two, but did say fans will "absolutely" see Sebastian Stan in season two, so Jefferson/Mad Hatter's story is far from over. Small victories, people!

Clarissa: Any scoop on NCIS: LA would be greatly appreciated!
The show will be adding a new potentially recurring character this season, an 18-year-old girl named Astrid (how Fringe of the CBS hit!), who has high-functioning autism and a punk style. Though she's socially awkward and low on the empathy, she's brilliant and has a knack for numbers and patterns. New team member alert, anyone?!

Paigerzz22: Teen Wolf, when will we find out more about Lydia's immunity?
Holland Roden would only tell us that episode nine is a big one for Lydia, but Colton Haynes let a bit more spill when we asked who the bigger threat was, Jackson or Lydia: I think Lydia is a huge threat because in the show we make you think Lydia is fully unaware of what's happening and is kind of off in space, but I think it could be otherwise," he says. "Jackson is a huge threat, but I think one character in the show will find a way to possibly cure something in all of us. Someone could have a cure." Can Lydia cure lycanthropy? Things that make you go hmmm…

BONES, Emily Deschanel,David Boreanaz

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MJeanB: Bones!! Anything and everything!!
Not happy about Booth and Brennan being separated from each other after she was forced to go on the run? Well, we've got good news for you: The show is skipping that sucky time! Season eight will pick up three months after the finale, executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us: "I think everybody wants them to get back together as quickly as possible and we don't want to piss anybody off!" But (isn't there always a but?) will Booth be able to forgive her? "I think time pretty much heals a lot," David Boreanaz says. "I think that he'll have to reexamine the relationship. Reexamine where they are, the two of them, and play it out from there and see where it takes them."

Charlottexoxo: ANYTHING on the Hart of Dixie Wade/Zoe/George situation? This wait is killing me!
How about that both men won't stay in the dark about their situation with the town's resident shorts-lovin' doc for long? In fact, the whole town will find out about George and Zoe, branding her the home wrecker of Bluebell.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker

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